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Hhhhhhhgfgfff my lads but star trek au

Image description:

An upper body traditional drawing done in red pen on white paper. It is mostly messy line art and hatching for blush and irises.

Mark has his head on Luther's chest as he hugs Luther tightly, and Luther embraces him.

Luther has his chin on Marks head and is looking down at him with a slightly concerned expression. Marks eyes are squeased shut and it looks like he is about to cry.

Luther is considerably taller than Mark and thinner, where as Mark is short and heavy set.

Luther has a thin face with defined cheekbones, pointy ears, and angled eyebrows. His hair is long and flows behind his back. Mark has a soft round face with red cheeks. His hair is wavy and reaches his shoulders.

Luther is wearing a standard starfleet uniform as seen in TNG, with long sleeves and a collar. Marks clothing is unidentifable but he is wearing a skant uniform with short sleeves.

scribbles and clips of other drawings can be seen at the edges.

End of description.