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Some practical seasonal outfits I made for mark :3

Image Descriptions:

Three full body drawings of my character Mark. They are all traditional black pen sketches that were digitally colored with flat colors. They are drawn in a somewhat semi realistic cartoony style.

Mark is a short heavyset man with ruddy skin and wavy dirty blond hair that reaches his shoulders.

He has a round soft face and wide brown eyes. His eyebrows are thick and he has some patchy stubble.

In the first drawing hes wearing a red flannel and black leggings with a few small holes. He's looking up and off to the distance.

In the second drawing hes wearing blue plaid pajama pants tucked into work boots, a red sweater, a brown heavy duty jacket, and a pink and white scarf. He's looking to the side.

In the last drawing hes wearing a white spaghetti strap tank top with a tiny bow on the neck line, and purple floral skirt. Mark is looking down as he fans himself, and his top has sweat stains.

End of description.

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