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Me: /trying to tiptoe my way into the goth subculture/

My dad: Wow, you look so cute today!


safety -

You are not running out of time. You are not wasting your existence. You will not miss out on the happiest days of your life - I promise. There is so, so much good ahead; and right now, you're exactly where you need to be.

ok-computer -

Daily reminder that thinking you're funny or pretty or whatever is not narcissistic or "being full of yourself" it's ok to love yourself

greatkingrat -

Dead ass? French tucks are dumb

transwerewolf -

French tucks look like when my dad goes to the bathroom and doesn't even notice he got the front of his shirt stuck in his pants

tiddywife -

my hardly visible mustache says genderqueer rights

nightstorm -

seeing people excited about things they enjoy is honestly great like... go forth my children... be happy... 

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message to wlw / nblw [esp. questioning]: 

hey!! if you aren't often attracted to traditionally feminine women / the typical heteropatriarchal model of a woman, that is okay. if you find yourself most attracted to gnc / butch / masculine-of-center / etc. women/nbs, that does not mean you're "straight in denial" or "lying" or "faking" or "secretly into men" or anything

it just means that you are often attracted to a specific kind of person and that is okay. ♥

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sparky -

i love the feeling of safety u get from being around other queer ppl....like, finding ppl who you know at once respect gender feelings and will be full of gay yearning with u? priceless. magnificent. perfect.

C. Jade Wyton || Demrefor

Centy and his daughter (who is actually his bio sister, but that's a long story).

Goose is a shapeshifter, though she has barely any control over her abilities during her childhood. It's sort of a chameleon self-defence; when she's nervous she blends in with the people around her and takes on their traits.

This pic is showing how she looks when happy, or her "normal" self! Around when she's just hitting her teens and is getting ready to head out and join a new settlement of kids her own age!

An Anonymous user asked:

psst... your blog description and your about have different ages (20 & 19 respectively)... have a nice day...

Hdhsjjdhdh woopsie 😳

I forgot my big descrip had my age too

Thank u and u too uwu


safety -

There is nothing you can do which disqualifies you from being worthy of love and recovery. Your actions matter, but they cannot fundamentally remove your inherent worth as a person. You are not too broken to be repaired.

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star-rice -

So it's Ace Awareness week or smthn, so here's a shoutout to all my ace peeps who are sex positive. It's never talked about when we want sexual relationships but how fucked it feels to not experience sexual attraction.

So shout out to all of those who get it and understand. Sometimes its very confusing to be ace and that's alright~

I made some pride aces for ace awareness week! Pt 1

(In order, asexual, grey asexual, demisexual, acevague, aceflux, idemsexual)

not to be contraversial but if you support sex workers (as you should) but act like kinks are the invention of the devil himself you might want to revaluate some shit 

kirby -

happy ace ACCEPTANCE week time for a little snippet of history


i remember a few years ago the ace community using the card suits to represent sexual/romo attraction combos. here's what i remember:

  • hearts: asexual romantic
  • spades: asexual aromantic

((reblog this and correct me or add on with little snippets of ace community history!))

angelicaphelion -

Less recognized, but still used sometimes: ace of diamonds for demiromantic asexuals and ace of clubs for grayromantic (and other aces!)

Also, many aces wear a black ring on the middle finger of their right hand to show that they're ace!

You all need to know that my hyperfixation as a ten year old was Garfield 

possumparties -

consider, dadcula 

babushka -

#i was writing this concept once #i might go back to it #but basically dracula would secretly adopt trans youth who were in bad places and hide them in a giant enchanted cave #and give them the loving home they deserve #and the cave wasn't in transylvania but they called it transylvania bc they were all trans

the world needs to see @tiddywife 's tags

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Not to appear out of the void but

How do y'all with adhd feel abt Medication for adhd 👀

awakeingdreamer -

Personally, I've neve taken medications for any of my mental diabilities (it started out I was literally terrified of pills lol) but I started eating organic over ten years ago as an alternative, for my adhd, and it really helped.

cjadewyton -

I'm all for proper medication if its needed; my wife took some temporary "correctional" medication and it helped her a lot. She went to a proper doctor to get it and it's def worth considering. She only took it for 3 months before going off it again.

On the flip I self-medicate using caffine which is a temporary fix when I need to focus on something important like a job interview, but not the healthiest or most effective way to do it (whoops)

As awakeningdreamer said, diet changes can be a big help too so it's worth looking into

transwerewolf -

Thank u two so much!!!!

Things to consider,,,,

fungus -

my mom didn't put me on meds so i would learn coping mechanisms and not be beholden to the corporations to survive

it would probbaly be easier for me to do my math homework on meds, but there are other aspects of adhd i like that i wouldnt want to loose and so id have to research and find out if they'd go away before i'd take meds

love to know what those diet changes might be......

transwerewolf -

That is tru!!! There are things abt my adhd that are just Better

I like my hyperfixations and being able to hyperfocus!!

(Though while I was typing this I like got distracted and forgot about it for like an hour dhdhdhdjdj)

But god it kills me in school work and even personal projects

I want to finish a somewhat long term project, like a short animation or a comic page :(

I want to sew so bad but it takes longer than I have the passion for to make something complex 

I get two days in and I just sink